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We work closely with poverty-stricken communities—especially women—to improve their quality of life and give them a better future. With an emphasis on literacy, we offer support to individuals and families, so they can take a step forward and achieve their dreams. Join us in the fight to encourage, educate, inspire, and empower young girls and women across world.

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According to UNESCO, 773 million adults and young people around the world still lack basic literacy skills. Bridging this education gap is central to creating a positive and practical difference in the lives of women and children experiencing poverty and social inequality. Our team reaches out to those in need and helps them build the skills and resilience required to improve their chances of living a fulfilling life. Whether you are an organization or an individual, when it comes to making a difference—we’re all in this together!


Great leaders create more leaders. So, use your voice and privilege to champion the rights of young women—the leaders of tomorrow!


We work closely with community leaders to ensure our services reach as many women as possible.


We wish to make the world a better place by transforming the society we live in—one individual at a time. Join our movement and help us make education accessible to women and children across the globe.

About Us

We’re In This Together was inspired by our founder’s own life. For years, her ex-boyfriend physically, verbally, and mentally abused her. He even threatened to ruin her life if she considered leaving him. Fearing for her safety and her family’s well-being, she hid her abuse from them for a long time.

Finally, she confided in a friend about the violence that had been a constant presence in her relationship for over 5 years. After withdrawing $3,000 from her secret bank account, she called her friend to come to pick her up for church on Sunday. Her friend parked her car near the garage gate where she had left all her clothes packed in large trash bags.

With fear in her heart, she walked through the front doors after kissing him goodbye, praying to God he wouldn’t notice the limp caused by the money in her shoes.

When she got outside the apartment door, shoes off, and ran as fast as she could to the elevator as if her life depended on it, and in her mind, it did! Fortunately, her friend had the trunk open and the car ready to go. Even after they escaped, she was still scared her boyfriend would find her. So, after service and lunch, she drove around with her friend until she felt safe enough to check into a hotel. Fortunately, the boyfriend was not aware of her plan until she called to let him know she was never returning.

Though the pain and hurt she faced in that relationship is something she never wants to revisit, it gave her the strength and desire to help and empower other women in similar situations. Her personal experience with domestic violence taught her that she had to help herself before helping others. She started speaking at intercity schools and women shelters to inspire women to stand up for themselves—so they can grow stronger and stand up for others.

We’re In This Together came into being after she shared her experience with her accountant. When he asked her whether she enjoyed empowering young women or working with domestic violence survivors, she realized that she enjoyed both equally. His belief in her ability to transform people led to the inception of this organization.

At We’re In This Together, we are passionate about making a difference. So, help us provide young women in underprivileged communities with books, laptops, desks, clothes, shoes, clean drinking water, and the many more resources that we take for granted.

Together, let’s support women and children and give them a solid foundation where they can flourish and reach their full potential.

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